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Discussion tables

Participate in discussion tables on the various challenges of the movement and of society. These discussion tables will present initiatives or promising projects created by cooperatives and mutuals and will be led by organizations active within the movement.

*Presented in French. Some tables might be translated.

September 14 at 11:15 am | INSPIRATION discussion tables

8:45 am | Opening number

1. Presentation of the owners' cooperative model

Discover a new model of home ownership in co-op mode. Homeowner cooperatives provide the opportunity for households to afford home ownership. After all these years of work to develop the concept, to find answers to questions, to join financial partners, to support and to accompany groups-promoters, the CQCH is proud today to present these first three achievements. 

➞ Presented by the Confédération québécoise des coopératives d'habitation (CQCH)

Facilitator : Nathalie Genois, Deputy Director General, CQCH


Speaker :

  • Guillaume Brien, General Manager at the Fédération des coopératives d'habitation de l'Estrie

  • Jacques Leclerc, General Manager, CQCH


9:20 am | Opening

2. The development of collective recovery: a sectoral and partnership approach*

Encouraging collective recovery by building a sector-based partnership approach and a methodical deployment plan in the tourism sector, this is what the CDRQ offers you. This strategy should make it possible to increase the number of collective takeovers in this sector of activity and to transfer this approach to other sectors of activity offering a potential for cooperative development.

➞ Presented by the  Coopérative de développement régional du Québec (CDRQ)

Animation : Patrice Blais, regional director Bas-Saint-Laurent / Gaspésie-Les-Îles of the CDRQ

Speakers :

  • Dominic Deschênes, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean / Côte-Nord regional director of the CDRQ

  • Simon Tessier CEO of Camping Québec

  • Marlène Gagnon, Regional Director, CAEES, Québec at Investissement Québec

*Translated in English


8:45 am | Opening number

3. Enhanced collective profile

The confidence of the members in the directors of the caisse and the legitimacy that they grant them depend in particular on the representativeness of the members and on the collective competence that the board of directors demonstrates in the exercise of its responsibilities. Come and find out about the process implemented by the enriched collective profile within the boards of directors of the caisses in order to promote representativeness and diversity.

Presented by Desjardins

Moderator : Isabelle Laviolette, Senior Governance, Ethics and Deontology adviser and  Françoise Forestier, Cooperation and Development Advisor, Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec

Speaker : Xavier Simard, administrator of the Caisse Desjardins des Chutes Montmorency


8:45 am | Opening number

4. Self-management in practice

Come learn more about horizontal management practices.  Labor relations and the hiring process: How to inject humanity into your organization and why? Recruit based on being rather than doing.  Consent Decision Making and Self-Governance: How to Share Power and Why? How to develop an efficient decision-making mode? Financial transparency and conscious remuneration: Deconstructing the taboo of money.

Presented by Réseau COOP

Animation: Erika Gaudreault, Project manager, development and associative life at Réseau COOP


  • Lori Palano, Member, Facilitator and Process Designer at Percolab

  • Matthieu Piegay, facilitator, trainer and strategic advisor at Niska


8:45 am | Opening number

5. How to become carbon neutral

Do you want to understand the key steps that can lead to obtaining a carbon neutral certification? The SOCODEVI team shows you how to set up an internal mechanism for monitoring its carbon emissions, the financial commitments of such a process and the importance of carrying out the exercise of reducing carbon emissions at source.

➞ Presented by SOCODEVI

Animation :  Constance Lambert, Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor, SOCODEVI

Speaker : Renée Brunelle, Environmental Advisor, SOCODEVI


8:45 am | Opening number

6. Collaborative economy*

Continue the discussion with Dardan Isufi and Domenico Di Siena about the collaborative economy.

➞ Presented by and Eva

Animation : Stéphanie Guico, coordinator of the CQCM Collaborative Collaborative Platforms project

Speakers :

  • Dardan Isufi, operational conductor and co-founder of the EVA cooperative

  • Domenico Di Siena, member, administrator and community leader of

*Translated in English


September 15 at 10:15 am | Discussion tables AWARENESS

8:45 am | Opening number

1. Employer cooperative: an innovative business model

The primary objective of setting up employers' cooperatives is to bring together SMEs that will share, collaborate and acquire dedicated and accessible professional resources. Discover the advantages of this model with an example of a cooperative that pools HR services for its members, the contribution of the research project, the HR diagnosis, units of measure and the success factors.  

➞ Presented by the Conseil québécois de la coopération et de la mutualité (CQCM)

Animation: Fanie Drouin, project manager, employer cooperative in human resources management, CQCM

Speakers :

  • Marie-Claude Beaudin, research professional at the Chaire de leadership en enseignement sur l’engagement social at Université Laval

  • Sébastien Girard, senior advisor in cooperative development Quebec at the CDRQ

  • Sébastien Cordeau, General Manager of the Coopérative horticole Groupex


9:20 am | Opening

2. Mutualize: be stronger, together! - The strenght of strategic alliances*

Discover the advantages of pooling and pooling services or sharing resources. Know the reasons that push organizations to turn to the sharing of resources and expertise in order to better support their mission and the evolution of their own businesses by entrepreneurs who have made this choice.  

➞ Presented by the Coopérative de développement régional du Québec (CDRQ)

Animation : Claire L'Heureux, Director of Special Projects at the CDRQ

Speaker  :

  • Jacques Bienvenu, Director, Business Development, Regard Action

  • Benoit Sirard, Chairman and CEO of Domaine Château-Bromont, representative and member at Ôrigine artisans hôteliers

8:45 am | Opening number

3. Design business models with positive returns for the ecosystem

Discover courses of action to transform certain activities of your organization or your daily life. Through three different models that promote environmental education projects, discover the transformative potential of these projects and how to draw inspiration from them for your communities.

➞ Presented by Coop FA, Coop de l'Arbre and Arbre Evolution

Animation :  Luc Bres, Associate Professor, Faculté des sciences de l'administration, Université Laval  

Speakers :

  • Charles-Hugo Maziade, managing director and Specialist ERE Educator, Coop FA

  • Antoine Suzor-Fortier, coordinator and co-founder of Coop de l'Arbre

  • Simon Côté, general coordinator at Arbre Évolution

8:45 am | Opening number

4. Employer brand: HR marketing has become a necessity

The war for talent is no longer an abstract concept. It is well represented in Quebec, Canada and around the world. Despite the pandemic context, certain professions remain highly researched in the talent market. Learn about the different variations of its employer brand, appreciate the advantages and demystify the difference between a value proposition and an employer brand.

➞ Presented by Desjardins

Facilitator: Catherine Grondin, Team leader - organizational development and talents at Desjardins

8:45 am | Opening number

5. Health cooperatives: social utility, role for local and regional development

Come and discover the major role that health cooperatives play in the various communities of Quebec. Be inspired by successful models of health cooperatives and use them, within the framework of your own professional and / or social activities.

➞ Presented by the Fédération québécoise des coopératives de santé

Facilitator : Marie-Hélène Viau, communications advisor at the Consortium de ressources et d'expertises coopératives

Speakers :  

  • Johanne Bergeron, President, Coopérative Solidarité Santé le Rocher

  • Chantal Dubuc, Executive Director of the Coopérative Solidarité Santé de Contrecœur

  • Josée Ouellet, Executive Director of the Coop de solidarité santé Saint-Hubert

  • François Allaire, Director of Strategic Development, Fédération québécoise des coopératives de santé

8:45 am | Opening number

6. Circular economy and intercooperation: two approaches*

Discover two approaches of cooperatives that have developed circular economy initiatives at the heart of their business model. How to develop partnerships and create profitable circular loops in economic and social terms.

➞ Presented by Réseau COOP


Animation : Mathilde Linossier, communication and marketing advisor at Réseau COOP

Speakers :

  • Evan Murray, Regional Director Lanaudière et Abitibi-Témiscamingue / Nord-du-Québec - Coopérative de développement régional du Québec (CDRQ)

  • Mathieu Gauthier, co-founder of the Boomerang coop

  • Tracey Arial from the Coopérative de solidarité abondance urbaine solidaire (CAUS)

*Translated in English

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