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RDV 2021 cooperation + mutuality

RDV 2021 is a unique moment allowing members of the cooperative and mutualist movement to unite with the actors involved in socioeconomic development. It gives the opportunity to share innovative courses of action to respond to the current and future challenges and issues facing society.

The economic crisis caused by the pandemic is giving rise to new ways of doing things. The cooperative business model, like the more traditional ones, must adapt to continue to respond effectively to the needs of communities, because cooperatives and mutuals face the same challenges.

RDV 2021 offers participants discussions on new trends, growth prospects and business development through the cooperative and mutualist entrepreneurial model. The event will be available virtually on an ultramodern platform.


RDV 2021 demonstrates that cooperation allows a fair and sustainable economy, to make Quebec a modern and daring Quebec!


RDV 2021 in three words:




RDV 2021 brings together:

· Cooperators, cooperative members;

· Partners, actors and leaders of socio-economic development;

· Women entrepreneurs;

Young people 18-29 years old.

RDV 2021 is:

· A networking opportunity with entrepreneurs who share the same values ​​as you ;

· The discovery of new practices;

· An opportunity to be inspired by new business models;

· A moment to bring together all those who are committed to building a more just and equitable society.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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