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Coop suppliers


RDV 2021 has chosen to work with COOP suppliers for the realization of the various projects within the framework of the event.

Because doing business with a cooperative

That's it


Parminou Theater

An intervention theater and a structure well anchored in today's life.

Established as a work cooperative for social purposes, we are supported in operations by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, by the City of Victoriaville and, for certain projects, by the Canada Council for the Arts. To our dynamic team of twelve permanent employees is added more than thirty professional freelancers according to the different needs of current creations and productions (plays, workshops, interventions, etc.).

Involvement in the meeting: production and scripting of the opening number

Productions 4 items

We touch with our eyes

Well established in Quebec since 2006, P4E combines a seasoned team with high quality facilities to make your plans in video and motion graphics.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The complementarity of our members is our most precious asset: it is this amalgamation of passions, expertise and talents that allows us to offer a distinctive experience.

Involvement in the meeting: video production

Funambules Media

Funambules Médias works for the advent of a fair and inclusive society through video production, training and the distribution of documentary films, by promoting the expression of citizens' voices and the development of critical thinking.

Involvement in the meeting: production of advertisements

Coop Pop seamstresses

Coop Couturières Pop is a cooperative of workers in the textile manufacturing industry. They are seamstresses-artisans who work in collaboration with Quebec designers and creators. They offer a clothing repair service to individuals, as well as a range of eco-responsible products from their cooperative beehive!

Involvement in the meeting: design of the scarves


MamboMambo is above all a multidisciplinary team. Our skills and know-how allow us to carry out colorful projects while ensuring that they produce results. Since our beginnings in 2013, we have carried out more than a hundred mandates relating to brand image, printed design and mainly the design and development of websites.


Involvement in the meeting: development of the brand image


Spira is an independent cinema cooperative resulting from the merger, in 2015, of Vidéo Femmes and Spirafilm, which had both existed for almost 40 years. Its main mandate: to support the production and distribution of films , whether short or feature films. About thirty works are produced each year thanks to its creation support programs, including the very popular equipment rental program . Spira also distributes documentary and fictional works in the various markets in Canada and in abroad: festivals, cinemas, television, Web, etc.

Involvement in the meeting: realization of the "making of" of the Cooperative Symphony

of cooperative resources and expertise

Founded in 2011, the Consortium is a solidarity cooperative motivated by the desire to allow each collective enterprise to have access to specialized services. It brings together under one roof all the professional expertise relevant to the development and consolidation of collective entrepreneurship and offers them at the right cost.

Involvement in the meeting: support in planning the event

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